js.cubing.net is the home page for a collection of open and reusable Javascript libraries, along with web apps based on them.

Everything is currently still in an early development phase, but we’re trying to nail down as much as possible.


Library Source Code Purpose
npm alg.js Parse and transform twisty puzzle algorithms (“algs”).
npm kpuzzle.js Represent and transform twisty puzzles.
npm twisty.js Animate and interact with twisty puzzles.
npm cuble.js Connect to bluetooth twisty puzzles.
npm puzzle-geometry.js Generate new twisty puzzle geometries.
npm cubing.js A bundle of all the packages above.


App Source Code Purpose
twizzle.cubing.net twizzle Explore new twisty puzzles.
alg.cubing.net alg.cubing.net Visualize and share algs.

The js.cubing.net team

The js.cubing.net team is currently: